I   B E L I E V E   I N   P U R P O S E .

I believe that love is unending, sacrificial, & selfless.

In the wedding world, we celebrate love so vividly - so why not exemplify this in every area of our life? I am choosing to show love through Love Gives Way. This organization is sacrificial and selfless - it allows us to use the gifts that we have been given to help people find freedom &  goodness in a world of hopelessness and hurt.

The world needs more giving, let’s give together.

10% of all profit received from Custom Invitation Suites will be given directly to International Justice Mission.



"We each have a story."

"Whether in the opening pages of a new chapter, approaching a climax, or faithfully turning the next page, we all have something valuable worth sharing. Love Gives Way exists in partnerships to help release the oppressed from the horrors of  sex trafficking through leveraging our own stories to participate in something bigger than ourselves."

-Love Gives Way